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NAMI NJ & NAMI Greater Bergen Webinar: Coping Skills and Stress Reduction


As stated by the media and exclusively by our own personal account, the COVID19 pandemic has not only created devastating medical issues for many, but has disrupted daily living and created mental health issues for most Americans and global citizens. This presentation will demonstrate that what you and your loved ones are feeling are not unique, but an emerging mental health issue for most of Americans. The presentation will provide tools such as coping skills, Mindfulness, focusing exercises, acceptance techniques, and the benefits of meditation to use during the quarantine and beyond. The presentation will culminate with an actual group meditation incorporating breathing techniques and a guided creative visualization to achieve overall relaxation and calmness.
Participation is limited to the first 500 people.
About Cristina Blasoni DSW, LCSW, Ch.T.
Cristina Blasoni has been working in the mental health field for 33 years. Her experiences have ranged from placing and monitoring mentally ill patients into homes within the community, to conducting groups for voice hearers. She has years of experience working with different populations within the community, treating them with different approaches of therapy including mediation, mind/body integration, CBT and holistic modalities. She is an advocate for mental health and has also written books that help people with mental illness empower themselves and see their worth as a person regardless of their illness. Cristina is also on the board for NAMI Greater Bergen and is a part of the Meet the Professional series which helps her advocate and educate the public on mental health. She wants to end the stigma that there is against mental illness and wants to emphasize that there is hope in recovery.

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